Junior Lifeguards Book 5: Mayday

Junior Lifeguards 5
By Elizabeth Doyle Carey
Published by Dunemere Books
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What started off as a fun jaunt to Nantucket quickly turns dire as Junior Lifeguard Jenna Bowers and her pals encounter a boat in distress at sea in Cape Cod. With the Chatham Coast Guard off on another emergency, it’s Jenna’s dad’s fishing boat to the rescue. Will they get there in time? Will they save the passengers? Jump into this exciting fifth installment of the Junior Lifeguards series to see how Jenna and each of her friends use their training when a crisis hits. Packed with action and adventure, as well as sleepovers, cute boys, and plenty of tasty baked goods, Mayday will get pulses racing as readers follow the latest adventures of the wholesome and diverse Junior Lifeguard crew.

Paperback | 208 pages | $9.99US | 978-0998885193 | June 5, 2018