Kirkus Reviews Our Books!

Mar 01, 2018


Kirkus Reviews is the most recognized book reviewer in the industry, and we're so pleased by their reviews of our books! Please see the links below for more information. 

Our YA Books: 
Click here to read the review of Sneaking Out by Chuck Vance, which Kirkus calls "A murder mystery with a likable hero."
Click here to read the review of Reality Gold, by Tiffany Brooks. Of the characters, Kirkus says the "...lambent, indelible cast outshines any gold they might find..." and "it’s Brooks’ riveting, multidimensional characters who drive the story." 

Our MG Books:
Click here to read the review of Junior Lifeguards: The Test, by Elizabeth Doyle Carey. Books 1-4 are available for sale right now, and Books 5 & 6 will be published Spring 2018. Kirkus calls The Test " enjoyable start to a potentially engaging series for tweens."

Our Mystery Books: 
Click here to read the review of Death on Windmill Way, by Carrie Doyle. This is the first of three books in the Hamptons Murder Mystery series, which Kirkus calls "An appealing, three-dimensional heroine and some clever plot twists make this an enjoyable, quick read."