Doyle Auctions Interview with Helen A. Harrison

Oct 09, 2018

After having been Director of the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center in Springs, New York since 1990, it’s fair to say that Helen A. Harrison knows pretty much all there is to know about Jackson Pollock. A renowned historian and journalist, Harrison is meticulous in her work and has a wide breadth of knowledge. You can ask her pretty much anything about Jackson Pollock and Harrison will not only have the answer but usually an intriguing anecdote to further illuminate you in all things Pollock. In other words, she has all the facts.

Which is why it’s funny that Harrison decided two years ago to start writing a fictional account of Jackson Pollock---and a mystery to boot. The result is the fast-paced and gripping new novel AN ACCIDENTAL CORPSE, which reimagines the night that Jackson Pollock and his friend died. And includes murder. We had a few questions for Helen A. Harrison who will be speaking at Doyle on the evening of October 17.

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