Hamptons Food

Sample the Real-Life Hamptons Food Featured in Our Books:

Here’s the skinny (pardon the pun) on where to get some of the delicious dishes referenced in the Hamptons Murder Mystery Series:

Dreesen’s Donuts at Scoop du Jour: It’s no wonder that movie star Nick Darrow often brings Antonia Dreesen’s donuts: they’re guaranteed to win anyone’s heart. These cake donuts come in three flavors—plain, powdered sugar and cinnamon—and they’ve been a staple on Newtown Lane for decades. You can watch the donuts being made in the window before you go inside for a treat. Scoop du Jour, 35 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, New York, 11937 (631) 329-4883

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Pasquale’s Mozzarella at Red Horse Market: Once you try Pasquale’s mozzarella you won’t be able to eat it anywhere else. “It’s like candy,” is how Antonia describes it, and she’s not wrong. The freshest, most melt-in-your-mouth cheese that you have ever tasted is made daily, but make sure you get there before the afternoon on a summer day because it’ll all be gone! Red Horse Market: 74 Montauk Highway, East Hampton, NY 11937, (631) 324-9500 www.redhorsemarket.com
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Seven-layer Dip at Round Swamp Farm: Beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole…what could be a better combo? “You haven’t lived until you’ve tried it,” says Antonia. Round Swamp is renowned in the Hamptons for their tasty rendering of this traditional Mexican dish. Heat it in the oven so it’s all melted and scoop the gooey delight up with tortilla chips. Round Swamp Farm: 184 Three Mile Harbor Road, East Hampton, NY 11937 (631)-324-4438 and 97 School Street, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 www.roundswampfarm.com
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Blackbird Roll at Inlet Seafood: When four fishermen own a seafood restaurant, you can be sure they’ll feature the freshest seafood possible. At Inlet Seafood in Montauk, the fish practically swims off the boat onto your plate. The Blackbird roll is straight from the ocean, fresh with layers of peppery tuna and black tobiko wrapped around rice and shrimp tempura with a spicy Yuzu sauce. And the fresh tuna tartare! Nobu’s got nothing on this place. Inlet Seafood, 541 East Lake Drive, Montauk, NY, 11954 (631) 668-4272 www.inletseafood.com
Inlet seafood
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Pizza at La Parmigiana: How do you describe excellent pizza? When the crust is perfect and the sauce nice and tart and the cheese plentiful. La Parmigiana, the casual Southampton mainstay since 1972, delivers a delicious pie every time. La Parmigiana 44-48 NY 27-A, Southampton, NY 11968 (631) 283-8030
Crispy Portobello at Beacon Restaurant: Crispy Portobello with roasted peppers, smoked mozzarella and lemon butter: Antonia is a fan of anything crispy, but this takes it to a new level. Ask for extra lemon butter—which includes some juicy capers. This dish demands a piece of bread to scoop up the remainder. The view stretches all the way from Sag Harbor Bay to Shelter Island, and the Beacon’s only flaw is that it’s only open in the summer. Beacon Restaurant, 8 West Water Street, Sag Harbor, NY (631) 725-7088 www.beaconsagharbor.com
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Baby back ribs at Loaves & Fishes: There are many sumptuous dishes to choose from at Loaves & Fishes, the famous gourmet food store started by the late Anna Pump, but Antonia can never get enough of the sticky baby back ribs. Grab them with a side of mashed kale and potatoes and have a wonderful picnic! Loaves & Fishes, 50 Sagg Main Road, Sagaponack, New York, 11962. (631) 537-0555 www.landfcookshop.com
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Mary-O’s at Mary’s Marvelous: It’s hard to imagine that an Oreo can be improved upon, but Mary’s Marvelous has done just that! The cream is nestled between two rich chocolate cookies that have chewy chocolate chips inside. The texture is insanity. Antonia needs to stay away from this place if she wants to get rid of the bread belt. Unfortunately there are two locations in the Hamptons! Mary’s Marvelous, 207 Main Street, Amagansett, New York (631) 267-8796; 105-107 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, New York, (631) 324-1055 www.marysmarvelous.com
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Corn at Pike Farms: Pike Farms is where those in the know stock up on the tastiest corn imaginable. Antonia’s summers are not complete without their corn on the cob dripping in butter! Stop by this quintessential farm stand for a wide variety of fresh vegetables and bright, just-picked flowers: Pike’s Farms, 82 Sagg Main Street, Sagaponack, NY. www.pikefarms.com
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream at Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen: This ice cream should be called “Cookies and Crime” because it’s that good. But what can you expect at a place called Candy Kitchen? Open every day of the year, this old-school diner offers up some of the most delicious flavors in the Hamptons. Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen, Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, New York, 11932, (631) 537-9885
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