Hamptons Author Spotlight: Ashley Prentice Norton

Hamptons Author Spotlight: Ashley Prentice Norton

Once a month we are going to spotlight our favorite authors with a Q&A, beginning with Hamptons local author Ashley Prentice Norton! Get to know Ashley as well as some of her favorite Hamptons spots:

Brief Bio: 

I’ve published two novels, THE CHOCOLATE MONEY and IF YOU LEFT. I’m from Chicago originally, but I’ve lived in NYC for twenty-four years, so it seems fair to call myself a New Yorker.

I went to Exeter, Georgetown, and the Creative Writing Program at NYU. I began writing in earnest at age nine, thinking my life had already been fascinating enough to merit a memoir. I never finished it, so perhaps it wasn’t.

I have three excellent kids and a perfect husband.


Which ‘Hampton’ do you live in?

East Hampton.


How long have you been coming to the Hamptons?

Thirteen years.


What is your favorite store in the Hamptons?

Bookhampton. I go there everyday.


What is your favorite restaurant in the Hamptons?

The Living Room at c/o the Maidstone.


What is your favorite beach?

Georgica. But only for walking. I’m not big on sand.


What is your happy place?

Sunbathing in ninety degree weather and reading at my pool.


Library or Bookstore? (Or both)?

Both. Definitely.


Who is your favorite writer from ‘the Hamptons’ (including people who summered)?

Charles Dubow.


Favorite summer event?

My birthday.


Favorite place to write?

In bed, with my pug Arnold.


If you could have dinner with four writers who would they be? (Individually, not as a group)

Andrew Solomon

David Foster Wallace

Alain de Botton

Adam Gopnik


The time you felt most appreciated/successful as an author?

When I saw a copy of IF YOU LEFT in the book store at Penn Station.


What is the next book that you are working on?

Even if I knew, I wouldn’t talk about it!