March 6th, 2017
New York, NY


Dunemere Books, an independent book publisher of original destination fiction for all ages—Dunemere Books: Take us with you!—has launched, announces its founders, industry veteran Elizabeth Doyle Carey, bestselling author Carrie Doyle Karasyov, and lawyer and e-commerce whiz Tiffany B. Palmer. “We’re taking the best of the new resources available to indie publishers and using them to bring terrific books to market, available anywhere,” says Elizabeth Doyle Carey, Publisher. “With our publishing experience on both sides of the manuscript—we’re all authors and editors—we are excited to be an author-friendly talent incubator, and also nimble and smart business people disrupting the traditional publishing model,” adds Dunemere partner Carrie Doyle Karasyov. “We publish books with a strong sense of place,” says Tiffany B. Palmer, another Dunemere partner. “As we grow our coverage of destinations, we’d like to be one of the websites people automatically visit when they’re planning a trip. As in, I’m going to Cape Cod for vacation: what should I bring to read?”


Dunemere Books will publish up to a dozen outstanding books each year: page-turning fiction with a strong sense of place and protagonists whom readers will adore, written by best-selling authors and newcomers alike. With most Dunemere books created as series, readers will be able to continue their journeys with the heroes and heroines they have come to love, in places they have come to know well.


Want to know more about the town or city that is the setting of a favorite Dunemere book? Visit Dunemere’s website, to discover where to stay, what to eat and what to see in the locations where each book is set.


Dunemere Books launches under the marketing guidance of partners Pete McCarthy and Jess Johns, and with advisory board members Jess M. Brallier, industry veteran and publisher, and Maureen Mahon Egen, former Deputy Chairman and Publisher of Hachette Book Group. Books will be distributed by Ingram and available as e-books and paperbacks, online and wherever books are sold, as well as in libraries and international channels. Audio books will join the range of formats in 2017.
From Pete McCarthy and Jess Johns at, “We’re impressed with — and enthusiastic about — the launch of Dunemere Books. Dunemere is taking a boutique approach to publishing reader-focused destination fiction while simultaneously developing a community and an authentic brand identity. Co-Founders Elizabeth Doyle Carey, Tiffany B. Palmer, and Carrie Doyle Karasyov have a proven track record in publishing and writing, having created bestsellers and household name series. These female founders are using hybrid e and p publishing in new ways to get to market…and, hey, it’s working!”
Jess M. Brallier says, “Dunemere’s launch is another of those best ever moments in book publishing where smarts, innovation, passion, and great writing all show up at the same place. Readers will quickly fall in love with this marvelous offering that appeals to one’s desire for travel, great writing, and ease of delivery and purchase. Nailed it!”


Dunemere Books launches with the first two titles in bestselling author Carrie Doyle’s cozy Hamptons Murder Mysteries series, Death on Windmill Way and Death on Lily Pond Lane. Death on West End Road will be released in June. 2017 will also see the spring launch of Junior Lifeguards, a middle grade series, as well as YA thrillers Reality Gold and Sneaking Out.


Founders Elizabeth Doyle Carey, Caroline Doyle Karasyov, and Tiffany B. Palmer are passionate readers and writers with a depth of experience in book publishing, magazine publishing, and e-commerce. Read all about them in the “Founders” section of the Dunemere Books website, Dunemere Books: Take us with you!
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